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Super Mario Bros 3


Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros. 3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



This game, I cannot even begin to tell you, this game was my best friend, sounds sad, I know, but to me it’s totally fuckin awesome that a game can have this effect in people. This is one of the best game that i know of! I havent played this in years, that why I did some searching and I found this emulator that enables you to play this game in a flash version, and they nailed it! Go here to play then game! I will now spend the rest of my working day playing this game, im on vacation next week, so this is the last day, so why not take some advance vacation and just play all day?


Enjoy guys, c ya!


Where are the original games?!


Whatever happened to these classic games that we dont really see anymore?!

Doom, Lemmings, Castle of Wolfenstein, Mario, Alladin, all these games were very original when they came out. Nowadays you only see people ripping off games from these old classics. What we need to see is more originality in gaming. When I become a professional gamedesigner (and I will!) I will take gaming to the next level, no one can stop me!

I will post further about my gaming ideas, please comment what you think!

See you soon!

Regards, The Retro Modern Gamer